1. Proper Ventilation Can Save You A Fortune In Heating And Cooling

As a kid growing up, did you ever try sucking air through a straw with your finger covering the bottom opening? Without having SOFFIT VENTS along with your RIDGE VENT, that's essentially what's happening in your attic. You want there to be an air flow helping to regulate temperature and reducing moisture. You can also keep costs down by making sure you have enough INSULATION.

2. That Streaking You See On Some Roofs Is Caused By Mold

That mold is actually very destructive to shingles. As it grows it burrows into the shingles and destroys them. No matter which contractor you use, make sure they use a shingle made with mold protection. Reliable Roofing only uses mold resistant shingles. We want your roof looking beautiful for many years to come.

3. Preventing Leaks

A lot of homes in our area have a rubber boot surrounding ventilation stacks that come out the roof. After time and weathering, that rubber boot can start to rot or crack. If you need it replaced it's an easy and inexpensive fix. What's an ICE DAM? when snow has accumulated on a home without enough insulation or attic ventilation, an ice dam can form. As the snow on the upper parts of the roof melts, it can re-freeze again as it reaches the cold eaves and gutters. That continual process creates ice dams. As the process continues, water pools behind the ice dams and can cause leaks and damage on a house without a proper ICE GUARD underlayment. This is a must in our climate!

4. How To Know It's Time To Replace Your Roof

There are tell tale signs a homeowner can look for. The age of the roof, shingles that are starting to curl up in spots, discoloration, mold, ice damage, and missing granules from storm damage. Missing granules can lead to early deterioration. Hail and storm damage is often covered by insurance. If the time has come to replace, dimensional shingles are a great value for the money. Reliable Roofing only uses top quality brands like Certainteed.